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It is not very difficult to use different types of technology nowadays, but it is necessary to be experienced, as our staff is proficient in using various kinds of modern machinery and techniques because they have learned everything properly and they are skilled and professional.

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Want to take the packing and shifting services of APL Cargo Packers and Movers? And seeking assistance in shifting your residence from Bangalore to another place, you are welcome. Get in touch with us early and get incredible moving services at an affordable price. We are an award-winning and professional, hassle-free moving service provider in Bangalore; we provide fast packing services and moving services. If you need any help, please call 9672338008 as soon as possible, and we will get in touch with you.
We provide home shifting, commercial/corporate moving services, storage solutions, loading-unloading, transportation, arrangement and rearrangement, packing, and insurance services and expect high praise and high ratings from customers. Will home shifting with the help of our company does not cause any loss or extra cost? This is the trust we expect from you, and we will help you to be satisfied and stress-free every step of the way.
It is not very difficult to use different types of technology nowadays, but it is necessary to be experienced, as our staff is proficient in using various kinds of modern machinery and techniques because they have learned everything properly and they are skilled and professional. It would be best to have help, support and dependability, peace of mind, etc., during your relocation, so hire a reputable moving company.

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We provide custom clearance services, pet moving services, insurance services to customers.

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As a primary moving company, a reputed moving company in Bangalore, and a moving company with long experience, APL Cargo Packers and Movers Company provides moving services to customers at damage-free and reasonable charge. Our company offers friendly, exceptional, and guaranteed service in everything specially cared for and handled. Decide how your goods will be picked up and dropped from the front of the house or in front of your flat to the truck at the destination and at what time the delivery will be made and the expert ways will guide the customers in the right direction. Be sure to know our contact number because by opening our website, you will find the way to contact us first.


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House Relocation

APL Cargo Packers and Movers Company will help you move to your new home smoothly and safely from the beginning with care and certainty. Household items will include all the items you have in your home, which you will move through significant means, but let us know what type and nature of your items you list, and we will continue to help you in every way possible .

Office Relocation

Office supplies are separate, and taking care of them is difficult or a considerable process, so you should definitely look for a progressive and real company that will provide comfortable services and strive to provide successful and hassle-free services. If you want your office goods to be packed using advanced materials (LED box, paper, wooden box, tape, bubble).

Car Transportation

APL Cargo Packers and Movers without booking, through which you can think clearly. At our company, we understand the importance of stress-free, hassle-free, and reliable car shipping, which is why APL Cargo Packers and Movers works to provide exceptional and comfortable services. Our professional staff and drivers are highly trained, experienced, and genuine.

Packing Unpacking

Packing and unpacking household items or parts and, machines, electronic items is a time-consuming task, and those who work regularly can quickly pack different types of items; our staff is very patient, and they are professional and skilled, and trained, so they will pack the items to take your worries away and if you want to unbox yourself and see if your items are perfect, say goodbye to them after unloading.

Loading Unloading

APL Cargo Packers and Movers Company pre-plans the loading and unloading of packed goods and arranges new equipment to enable perfect handling and loading and unloading of goods. Our staff can monitor your belongings and make efforts to reach your doorstep very quickly and safely. You quickly arrange your things first and communicate.

Storage & Warehousing

APL Cargo Packers and Movers warehouses will keep your assets well organized, and your items will be identified and temperature controlled. You can also describe your items by mail and stored by packing, and we have a lot of space in our warehouse, which will help to store a lot of things. Your belongings will not become difficult for you to handle, and the worry of high cost will be removed.

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions are excellent for new customers who want to take a first home shift, work essentials, sensitive item shifting, vehicle shifting or storage, or any other service as they always share any question, get the answer, and benefit other customers from here.

Ans: Help you with 24-hour Q&A discussion, packing method, and materials, loading on truck, settling, tracking system support, insurance service, timely delivery service, rearrange service, etc.
Ans: Corporate organizations employ many employees and have many items that require experience to pack as they are correctly opened, disassembled, assembled and unpacked, etc. They deal with visibility and support, and you are asked to decide to transport goods in GPS-enabled vehicles and charge minimal charges. And our executives are able to support you in all these matters.
Ans: It is better to take advantage of full insurance coverage, and it is preferred by people because there is no risk involved.
Ans: We avoid hidden fees, late delivery of goods/vehicles, additional taxes, and non-transfer of prohibited items. And we offer 24/7 support, competitive charges, on-time service, controlled management, best-in-class quality, etc.

Our Policies

APL Cargo Packers and Movers is an organization with a proper privacy policy. For the last several years, we have been dealing with our transparency and are deeply rooted in the minds of our customers. So we are completely enforcing a strong privacy policy.

1. Information is collected to process consumer information and provide transparent and reliable services to customers. Submit your details (Name, Phone Number, Address, Date of Birth or Identity Card, Mail ID).

2. There are many ways to manage data. Skilled and experienced people understand these techniques, and they collect and store data through various methods like live chat, calls, and messages.

3. We plan to change the Privacy Policy from time to time to ensure it runs smoothly in the future. The primary purpose of our privacy policy is to protect the information submitted by customers, so changes to the policy are necessary.

Terms and Conditions:

APL Cargo Packers and Movers Company will be able to fulfill the needs of the customers as long as the customers take the service according to the terms and conditions. While these terms can be long and full of legalese, you need to understand what you're agreeing to and whether the terms are suitable for you, and it's important to double-check before signing the contract. However, we do not want you to face any inconvenience or critical situation. We analyze everything thoroughly and not in a concise form, but in detail, and usually, we highlight vital points that catch the eye of customers.

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Our happy customers share their smooth experience and satisfaction and benefit from damage-free service and adequate insurance coverage at a low price.

Arundhuti Sharma

APL Cargo Packers and Movers company provided very experienced moving services with low charges, and they moved the packed items on time to the address I provided. The trained team unloaded the goods with care and ease, quickly and without extra charges.

Tarun Sen

Provided caring and reliable service and had a team of professional staff. They easily disassembled and packed the goods and loaded and unloaded quickly using advanced technology, and I rented warehouses with 24-hour CCTV surveillance.